Support Services

Branson School Online’s Student Support Services promotes school-family-community collaboration to help foster students’ social, developmental, and educational growth. We consistently seek to improve student learning, engage students and families in their respective communities, and promote integration among academic skills and essential life-lessons.

In order to help our students meaningfully connect with the world in which they live, we strive to integrate best practices in education, child and youth development, and support services to promote healthy learning environments in which every child can succeed. Therefore, we:

  • ·Coordinate partnerships among multiple public, state, and local agencies to provide comprehensive services in the areas of counseling, special education, 504, child study, and assessment.

  • ·Engage and empower families to participate fully in their child’s education through initial assessments, the development of the Personal Education Plan (PEP), and ongoing meaningful teacher/family interaction.

  • ·Collaborate among BSO staff, students, families, community agencies, BOCES, Colorado districts, and other local, regional, and state organizations to ensure the academic success of individual students.

  • ·Collaborate with Colorado’s Institutions of Higher Education through the Concurrent Enrollment Act to offer no-cost access to college courses. Please see Concurrent Enrollment for more information.


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