Dr. J

Founded in 2001, through the visionary leadership of JAlan Aufderheide, Branson School Online (BSO) has served to make a positive difference in the lives of Colorado children in an alternative manner which transcends the limitations of time and space.

Through Branson School Online and the Branson School District, Dr J and his staff built a learning community which offers state-of-the-art educational opportunities to participating families while attending to a singular goal, strive to do what is best for each individual child.

Branson School Online, recognized as the first fully-accredited K-12 online public school in Colorado, orignally enrolled 112 students. 

Through Dr J’s dedication, Branson became a focal point for educational innovation. His efforts furthered the Branson community’s dedication to the ideals of service, universal educational opportunities, and a love of children.


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