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Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you out.

1.  Save your work to the D drive or G-Drive, NOT the C drive!

Your BSO laptop has been configured to save everything to the D drive on the laptop.  Your "My Documents" folder (there is a shortcut for this on your Desktop) is actually on the D drive, and MS Word, Excel, Power Point, and Publisher have all been configured to save files to the D drive.  The latest image will save documents to G-Drive which is linked to your school email account.  Using a web browser logging into your school email account, you will see the word 'Drive' on the top black bar.  Click on it to access to all of your saved documents.  You also have a G-Drive icon on your desktop to access your saved documents.  If you manually save a file to the C drive, it will be deleted when you restart your laptop.  If this happens, we cannot recover the file - it is gone for good.  We configure the laptops this way to protect it from viruses.  If you are working with another program that wasn't listed here, be sure it saves files to the D drive or G-Drive.

2.  Save your work often.

Make it a habit to save your work often.  If you are working on a paper, save it once every couple of minutes.  The "CTRL" key plus the "S" key (pressed at the same time) will save your work in most programs.  Learn this habit, practice it, and you will save yourself hours of frustration.

3.  Try switching browsers if a web page won't load correctly.

Sometimes a web page will not load properly in Chrome, but it will work find in Firefox.  Sometimes a web page will not load properly in Firefox, but it will work find in Chrome.  Try switching between Chrome and Firefox, and your page may load correctly.  If it doesn't Contact Tech Support.

4.  Don't spend lots of time trying to fix your computer.  Contact Tech Support.

We get calls from frustrated parents and students who have spent hours trying to fix something on their laptops or get to a broken or blocked web page.  Save yourself the headache, and Contact Tech Support as soon as you run into trouble.  We are online all day during regular school hours (8:00 am - 4:30 pm, | Monday-Thursday) and we will get you quickly back on track.