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Laptop Security

Your BSO laptop has several pre-installed programs to make it as secure as possible.

1.  Net Nanny.

This program blocks all internet traffic to websites that are either inappropriate for school-ages students or non-conducive to productive school work.  for example, we block access to adult-content sites, gambling sites, social-networking sites, file-sharing sites, and gaming sites.  Occasionally, Net Nanny may block a legitimate website.  If this happens, please contact Tech Support.

2.  Deep Freeze

Your BSO laptop has been configured to save everything to the D drive on the laptop.  Your "My Documents" folder (there is a shortcut for this on your Desktop) is actually on the D drive, and MS Word, Excel, Power Point, and Publisher have all been configured to save files to the D drive.  If you manually save a file to the C drive, it will be deleted when you restart your laptop.  If this happens, we cannot recover the file - it is gone for good.  We configure the laptops this way to protect them from viruses.  If you are working with another program that wasn't listed here, be sure that it saves its files to the D drive.

3.  AVG Anti-Virus

AVG is pre-installed on every BSO laptop.  IT is always running in the background.  You DO NOT need to upgrade AVG or manually run any scans.

Email Security and Identity Protection

Your BSO email account is secure.  You are the only person that has access to your email messages.  Tech Support does not have the ability to read your email messages - we only have the ability to reset your password.  The only potential weakness is if you choose a weak password for your email account, so make sure you use a strong password.

Branson School Online does not share email account information with any outside organization.  We do not sell or give away student, parent, or staff email addresses to anyone.