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Elitch Gardens Trip 2015


Elitch Gardens Field Trip -- May 15, 2015

Make learning come alive with a hands-on educational day at Elitch Gardens on May 8, 2015 from 9 am - 4 pm. Receive 1 FREE ticket for every 15 purchased. Rates are not available at the front gate. Tickets are one-day passes and are non-refundable.

Learning comes out of the classroom and into Elitch Gardens! Outdoor Classroom is an interactive day of challenges and fun exercises provided for you and your students with the help of our partners in education. Highlights of the day include the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Hawkquest, The Butterfly Pavilion, Dinosaur Ridge, Mr. Bones, Mad Science and many more!



NWEA Testing

Please read ALL of these instructions.

Timing is VERY important.  Please login promptly according to the schedule.

NWEA Table of Contents

NWEA Introduction: Click Here

Testing Schedule: Click Here

NWEA Login and Testing Instructions Click Here

NWEA Introduction

Branson students are required to take the NWEA MAP assessments three times each school year (Fall, Winter and Spring). This assessment is made up of three individual tests (math, reading and language usage). Students in grades 5, 8 and 11 also take the science test totaling 4 tests for students in those grades. NWEA test results provide important instructional information for teachers and help to document the academic growth of the students in our district.   Please review the information below and linked on this page to prepare yourself and your student(s) for NWEA testing. Our Winter 2019 testing window will be January 14th-24th.

4 Important Items

    1. Please reference the Testing Schedule to determine when your student(s) are scheduled to take their NWEA assessments. Testing during your assigned testing time is essential, as the assessment coordinator will have to confirm each student when they log on to the system before they can begin testing. All students (grades 2-12) are scheduled to test during the first week of the testing window. The second week of the testing window is reserved for make-ups. Special arrangements for make-ups are not necessary. Students who need to participate in a make-up session will follow the same process they would if they were testing on the original test date. Please refer to the testing schedule for specific testing times, dates and make-up opportunities.
    2. Please have your student(s) complete the MAP test Warm-Up exercises located at the following link prior to their scheduled test day. This link will provide a 4 minute orientation video to watch as well as sample test questions to work through and the calculator tool to become familiar with. Being familiar with the testing format will help you and your student to have a successful testing experience on the scheduled test day.
    3. Complete instructions for testing are included below. The process will include 1) Opening up the testing site in Firefox and logging on with the session name and password (provided by your homeroom teacher) 3) Finding the appropriate student name (tests will be pre-assigned) 4) Completing the assessment. 
    4. Always write down the RIT score that is displayed at the end of a test session. This helps in finding "lost" data that does not display correctly on the reports site for teachers.   

Testing Schedule

If you cannot see the schedule on this page, you can download it by clicking here.

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NWEA Login and Testing Instructions

These steps are the same for Windows and Mac computers. 

Step 1. Get your Test Session Name and Password ready.

    • Our younger classes will have Test Session Names and Passwords emailed to them by their teachers.
    • Our older classes can access their Test Session Names and Passwords by clicking on this Google Spreadsheet.  Your info will only be available starting 10 minutes prior to your scheduled test time.

Step 2: Open your Internet Browser (Chrome or Firefox).

Step 3:  Make sure Pop-Ups are allowed in Firefox.  Click on this icon FirefoxOptions in the top right corner or Firefox, then Select "Options."  Now click on "Content" on the left side of the screen.  Make sure there is NO check mark next to "Block Pop-Ups."  If there is a checkmark, click on it to remove it.

Step 4.  Go to the testing site:

Step 5. Enter your Test Session Name and Password.


Step 6: Select your name from "Choose Your Name" list and click "Next".  The test you will take should automatically show up.


Step 7: Confirm that the information is correct by clicking "Yes".  If this appears incorrect, call tech support (719-946-5531).


Step 8: Wait for confirmation from the testing proctor.  This screen will appear, and it will stay there for several minutes while the proctor is checking your information. Please be patient.


Step 9: Start the test.  When everyone is checked in, the "Start Test"  button will appear.  Click the "Start Test" button to begin your test.


Step 10: Finishing the test.  When you have completed the last question, the following screen will appear.  Write down your overall score.  Click the "Done" button.



Denver Zoo Trip

Denver Zoo 


“Bunk with the Beasts"

Who:   BSO Students Grades 4-8

Where: Location

Denver Zoo

2300 Steele St., Denver, CO 80205


November 9th- November 10th, 2017
6:30 p.m. - 10:00 a.m.


      We have only 15 spots! We will take forms and money on a first come, first serve basis.

      Parents do not have to join in, but are welcome. 


Students and Parents are $55.00 each

 How to sign up:

1.    Complete this Registration Form located here

2.    Submit your payment by one of the two methods below:

 Money is due by Thursday, October 19th, 2017 by noon.

 Two ways you can pay:

  • Option 1: Check payable to “Branson School District” send to Marlene Brown (PO Box 128, Branson, CO 81027)
  • Option 2: Pay online with these links: 

1 admission: $58

** Online payment includes $3 per ticket transaction fee.

Buy Now
2 admissions: $116 Buy Now
3 admissions: $174 Buy Now
4 admissions: $232 Buy Now


     3.  Download and fill out your waiver and email it to Mrs. Gorton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  as soon as you make your payment. Downoad here: Zoo Trip Waiver


Bunk with the Beasts overnight adventures offer a more intimate, personalized exploration of the zoo. Each Bunk with the Beast overnight adventure includes different activities specific to the theme, but you can count on an active, fun-filled experience that includes:

  • An intro or ice breaker activity.
  • A guided zoo tour focusing on animals relaed to the Bunk theme.
  • Animal encounters (you won't touch a tiger, but you will get up close and personal with some of our educational animals).
  • A variety of educational games and activities, including the use of night vision scopes.
  • An opportunity to see th zoo at night, withouth the large crowds!

All Bunk participants will receive a take home souvenir as a reminder of their overnight zoo adventure.