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Second Week of School - Known Tech Issues

Here are the known Tech issues.  We have fixes for these issues.  These do not impact everyone, but if they do impact you, please contact Tech Support right away.

1. Audio goes in and out.  Only impacts some new laptops.

2. Flash needed for some school websites.  Firefox and Chrome no longer support Flash and Java.  There are some older school sites that still need Flash and/or Java.  For those sites, you need to use Internet Explorer.  If you need to have Java or Flash installed on your laptop, contact Tech Support.

Are you thinking of buying a printer?  

We recommend HP, Epson, or Brother printers.  Canon printers work fine, but their installation steps are more complicated.

Back to School Tech Announcements

Hello from your Tech Team!

If you are a returning Branson School Online student:

We are getting rid of NetNanny and AVG!  We are using some different content protection and anti-virus product that tested very well last spring.  The upgrade will take about an hour. Please contact us at tech support to schedule a time to make these changes to your laptop.  

Google Drive ROCKS!  Please start saving all of your files to Google Drive if you aren't already doing so.  If you need help setting this up, please contact Tech Support.